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SJTU Awarded Outstanding Case of University International Communication 2021

Time:2021-10-22 08:27    Author:sjtunic

The 7th National Symposium on International Communication Theory was held in Tianjin from September 27 to 28. It was sponsored by the Information Office of the State Council, organized by the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies under the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, and co-organized by the Information Office of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and Tianjin Foreign Studies University. More than 400 people attended the conference, including officials, experts and scholars from related departments of central state organs, major news agencies, provincial and municipal information offices, universities and research institutions.

The National Symposium on International Communication Theory is one of the most authoritative and influential high-level theoretical symposiums in the field of foreign communication in China. It includes 1 main conference and 8 parallel sessions.

SJTU’s “Exploration and Practice of International Communication of ‘Global SJTU’ Based on Video Expression” and another 7 cases were awarded “Excellent Cases of University International Communication in 2021”. Hu Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of SJTU and head of the Department of Publicity of SJTU, made a keynote speech at the session of “University in International Communication”.

Hu Hao first introduced in detail the characteristics of the international communication environment for universities and SJTU’s endeavors in building video communication capacity. Then he showed the university’s exploration and practice in the international communication leveraging video expressions from five aspects. The experience provided insights for strengthening the responsibility and mission undertaken by universities in the construction of China’s international communication ability.

SJTU, as one of the initiators, launched the “Tianjin Initiative” to strengthen international communication and enrich the university development pattern.

Source: SJTU News Center

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