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Access to SJTU Supercomputers "Counting on Me"

Time:2023-05-22 08:17    Author:sjtunic

"Counting On Me"

Shanghai Jiao Tong Unviersity Network & Information Center builds a university-level computing platform called "Counting on Me" (交我算). The platform is designed for research, teaching and campus information. We also bulid a technical support team of more than 30 staff including system maintenance and science application specialists. This team can help you solve all the problems about computation on "Counting on Me".

SJTU Supercomputers "Counting on Me" is a leading computing platform among Chinese universities integrated of heterogeneous clusters and private cloud. Our four heterogeneous clusters "Siyuan-1 , Pi 2.0, AI and ARM" cover three mainstream computing resources including Intel X86 CPU, NVIDIA Tesla GPU and HUAWEI ARM CPU.

New Features

Two new English pages  “Getting Started” and "Cluster Resources Monitoring" are released. The "Getting Started" page can help a new user learn how to access our clusters via the documents. The "Cluster Resources Monitoring" provides an insight of the system utilization to help the users check whether the computing queue is busy.


Getting Started Page

The "Getting Started" page is designed to guide users through the basics of utilizing computing resources, storage systems, and services. The content covered includes:

Computing Resources

HPC Account

Data Storage

Running Jobs

Top Documentation Pages

Useful Links




Resource Monitoring Page

On the other hand, the "Cluster Resource Monitoring" page provides real-time insights into the utilization of computing resources. You can check whether the computing queue is busy right now.


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The "Counting On Me" platform is committed to continually enhancing user services to better meet the computing needs at SJTU. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to email us at

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