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I want to login

Time:2017-10-20 19:06    Author:sjtunic

You can get any information about your Ecard on website, such as report the loss of your card, check your transaction flow, and so on.

There are three ways to log in the website.

(1) with “student/faculty number+ the checking password.

If you forget your card password, please take your passport and Ecard to the Network & Information Center to reset it.

(2) with “card number+ the checking password.”

(3) with “jAccount username + password + Captcha”

Click “jAccount登陆” as below;

Enter your jAccount username, password and captcha.

If you don’t have a jAccount, please visit I want a jAccount to register anaccount.

At last,you can check your transaction flow when you login the website succesfully.

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