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Charge Ecard with ATM

Time:2017-11-03 10:45    Author:sjtunic

Through the transfer machine, you can transfer money from your linked bank card to your Ecard.

1. Please find a transfer machine as shown below. If you don’t know where is a transfer machine, please click on where can I find Ecard ATM?

2.Please put your Ecard in the position shown below.

3.Please click “转账充值业务” shown below.

4.Please click “校园卡银行卡转账” shown below.

5.Please click “银行卡转卡钱包” shown below.

6.Please enter your Ecard transaction password shown below. Then click “确定”. If you forget the password of your Ecard, please come to us for reseting your ecard password.

7.Enter recharge amount and click ”确认”. Please note that you can only charge up to 500 RMB.

8.Please take back your Ecard.

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