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Charge Ecard with Alipay

Time:2017-11-03 12:26    Author:sjtunic

Alipay users can charge your Ecard of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

1.Please open alipay and click the button shown below.

2.Find the “Campus Life” button shown below and click it.

3.Please click the ”一卡通” button shown below.

4.If you use it for the first time , it will see the page shown below.Please click the “立即充值” button shown below.

5.Then you will see the page as below.

6.First, click the button to select the city of your school, please select “上海”.

7. Then please select "上海交通大学" in the “学校”.

8.Please input your name, Ecard number, recharge amount, phone number (if you want to receive SMS) in the corresponding place. Finally, click “充值”.

9.Confirm the recharge amount, Ecard number and bank card are correct, then click ”Pay now” shown below.

10.Please enter the confirm password of your Alipay to finish the recharge process.

10.After the successful recharge, the money will temporarily exist in the transition balance, after the Ecard is swiped on the canteen's POS machine, money will automatically go to your Ecard.

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