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Passwords of Ecard

Time:2023-04-25 17:25    Author:sjtunic

Ecard has 2 passwords:the checking password and the transaction password.

Checking password is used to query personal account information and consumption records.

Transaction password is used to transfer money on a self-service device, and it is also the password that needs to be entered when the consumption exceeds the limit (If you want to know about the consumption limit and modify the consumption limit, please click on The consumption limit of Ecard).

Checking password and transaction password can be the same or different, and the original passwords for two are same as default.

If you really do not know the original password, you can go to the Network & Information Center to apply for modify password.

Address of the Network & Information Center:

Minhang Campus: 1F, Library & Information Building

Xuhui Campus: 1F, Lecture Building No.3

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