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Charge Ecard

Time:2023-01-31 17:52    Author:sjtunic

There are four Ecard payment methods.

I. “交我办”App

1Scan the QR code and download “交我办”App. Then login with your jAccount.


2.Click‘Network’ on the home page . ( Figure 1)

3.Choose ‘My Campus Card ’. Then click ‘Deposit’ . ( Figure 2,3)

4. Enter the deposit page to complete the campus card deposit. ( Figure 4)

II. Alipay

Please click on the procedure to deposit Ecard with Alipay to see detailed instructions.

III.  Cash

You may deposit your Ecard with cash at the following locations (excluding public holidays)



Service Hours

Minhang Campus

Canteen   No.1

Monday to Friday,


Xuhui Campus

1st   Floor at Graduate Students Dormitory

Monday to Friday,


Qibao Campus


Monday, Wednesday and Friday


IV. Ecard ATM

Through the ATM, you can transfer money from your linked bank account to your Ecard. Please click on the procedure to deposit Ecard with ATM  to see detailed instructions.

If you haven't linked your bank account to the Ecard, please bring your BOC debit card (It must be your BOC debit card), Ecard and passport to the Network & Information Center. To get the location of the Network & Information Centeclick on Contact us.

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