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Tianjin University Conducted Special Investigation on SJTU Informatization Construction

Time:2020-10-23 15:33    Author:sjtunic

On the morning of October 21st, Liu Feng, Director of the Information and Network Center of Tianjin University, Wei Jianhong, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee, and other 6 teachers of Tianjin University visited Network & Information Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to conduct special investigations on the informatization construction. Guan Haibing, Director of the Network and Information Center of SJTU, Zhou Zihao, Deputy Secretary and other 2 faculty from relevant departments participated in the reaserch and discussion activities.

At the symposium, Guan Haibing first shared the practical achievements and experiences of SJTU in the construction of informatization infrastructure, supporting scientific research, teaching, and school administration. Subsequently, the two parties further discussed on the topics such as the top-level design of informatization construction in universities and the "14th Five-Year Plan" thinking, network security and the linkage and coordination mechanism between information system construction departments, the status quo and guarantee mechanism of the information construction talent team, and the construction experience of "one-door service" of SJTU and the "Jiaowoban" App.

After the meeting, Tianjin University delegation visited the new generation of school-level computing platforms and other information infrastructure.

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