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Beijing Forestry University Conducted Special Investigation on SJTU Informatization Construction

Time:2020-11-09 16:47    Author:sjtunic

On the morning of November 5th, Zou Guohui, Vice President of Beijing Forestry University, and a group of 5 people visited the Network & Information Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University to conduct a special investigation on the informatization construction of colleges and universities. Prof. Guan Haibing, Director of the Network & Information Center of SJTU, Zhou Zihao, Deputy Secretary and Zhang Siyu, Head of the Data Service Department, participated in the research discussion activities.

At the symposium, Guan Haibing first shared the achievements, experience and practices of SJTU in information construction. Subsequently, the two sides further conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as the establishment of a smart campus, the progress and periodicity of informatization construction, the compatibility with the original information platform and system, as well as the difficulties faced in the implementation process.

After the forum, Zou Guohui and his entourage visited the new generation of school-level computing platform and other information infrastructure.

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