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I failed to log in jAccount

Time:2023-08-31 15:24    Author:sjtunic

If you failed to log in jAccount, make sure the correct reason,then deal with it.

1. "wrong username or password"

If you made a mistake, type again carefully;

If you forget your jAccount or password, refer to I forget my jAccount and password.

2. "wrong captcha"

Please type again carefully.


3. "Your jAccount has been locked"

Maybe Your computer may be infected with the virus or your jAccount has been stolen and was used to send a lot of junk mails.So it was be locked.

What you should do is:

(1)Antivirus your computer;

(2)Change your jAccount password. Refer to I want to change my jAccount password.

(3)Contact us for unlocking jAccount.

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