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The procedure to register jAccount

Time:2023-07-28 16:06    Author:sjtunic

1.Visit the webdite https://jaccount.sjtu.edu.cn/profile/#/apply

2.Read "user agreenment" and choose the "Next" button.

3.In the refistration page, type your information: Name, Passport ID, Student/Faculty ID and the Verification code.

4.Type your jAccount information: Username, Password, Mobile No. and Second E-mail.

Please note:

(1) User name:must contain between 3 and 40 characters indcluding letters(case-insensitive),digits,symbols,"-","_",but cannot begin/end with ".", "-","_".

(2) Password:must contain more than 6 characters ; at least use two kinds of four characters: upper; case letters, loweracse lettersand symbols.It should be different with username.

(3) Mobile:Enter 11 digit mobile phone numbers preceded by country code(+XX) in order to get a new requested password.

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